Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's News!!

New Years resolution: write blog in English

As all my friends in Austria speak the language quite well and my little sister is able to translate for my parents, I have decided to write in English.
The unfortunate thing is that I have no excuse for spelling and grammar mistakes, but hey, who cares about that anyway;-))))

Christmas and New Year where good, pretty relaxed. Lot's of brunch, lunch and dinner invitations saved me from cooking the despised turkey and we got to taste some good food out there. Let me tell you, there is life after 'the turkey', and the good thing was, I did not have to look at the manky old birds legs in the days after Christmas every time I opened the fridge doors;-)

So that was good.
New Year, I bit the bullet and invited Phil and Alex and our next door neighbours for a good old roast pork with cabbage and dumplings and of course my trade mark chocolate covered marble cake. They all liked it...I think, but people would never tell you if the food was shit anyway, they would just smile politly and say...hmmmm it was delicious, I need to know that recipe, and than they never get back to you on that subject.
However, we had as usuall plenty of booze to see us rightfully into the New Year. Good little me went to bed at 1.00 am (I had to get up early for Finley, of course) wishing for the next hour that people would just go home, or at least shut up;-)))

Finley, I think is practising for when he gets his call from Mr. Bush to join the forces in Iraq, spending his days rolling, crawling, diving and catapulting himself through the livingroom. And I know he will be a good soldier as he seldom cries, only when he smashes his head full force on the wooden floor or when mommy accidently pokes him in the eye with a fingernail. There are also occasional crib accidents. After managing to pull himself up on the rails and than proudly standing there smiling over his achievement he forgets that he cannot yet walk and lands either head first or falls backwards into the hard wooden rails. Even though that must hurt an awefull lot, I cannot persuade him to stop. It must be a great feeling of achievement for him;-)))))))

Lastly, on Saturday, we went to the Zoo and Finley saw his first...I guess everything, as he has not seen many Tigers, Lions, Giraffs his little life. As expected, he did not care much for the animals and was pretty content as long as he had something to chew on. I, on the other hand was thrilled and could not keep my eyes of the white tiger that desperatly tried to get his hands on the three little bears (yes, they where three and they where little!!) on the other side of the fence. It was funny to watch, but perhaps not so funny for the tiger or in fact the bears who have to live with that constant threat from the other side of the fence all their sad zoo life.
Have you ever asked yourself why the Zoo people would put the cage with the lions right next to the antilopes or zebras, as it was the case in this zoo. It is almost like dangling your favorite food right in front of your nose, but just far enough away so you can't get to it...that is what I call animal cruelty.

Talking about food, I have been trying to convince my son to have some other food rather than the boring old milk from mommie's chest, but he is not having any of it. I guess, like his dad, he just likes breats and is not inclined to give up the innocent pleasure of sucking on them just yet.
We have however tried to convince him otherwise and it was not a pretty picture.

Have a great New Year everyone!!!!