Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yiiiiii ha!! Cowboy;-)

At long last I have found the farm I had been looking for ever since I moved to the States. It only took 2 1/2 years and a 40 min drive out to Powhatan, but it was well worth it.
Martina and Lilly came along as babysitter while I rode a handsome 17
hand, four year old gelding named Helmet **@#**??. What the hell where
they thinking when they named that horse??
Name aside, Helmet (let's call him Helmi) has only been ridden for about 90 days and needs all the help he can get from his rider. Donna Crossman,
the stable owner took me and him under her wings and guided us trough
our first adventure together. He has beautiful gaits and is a real
sweetheart. Having not really done much in the field of horses ever
since Finley entered the scene, I am happy to be working with Donna and
look forward to learning a lot from her.
Reedwind farm is a lovely place and Donna mainly trains quarter horses, but also has a few boarders and does the occasional lesson.
Finley and Lilly had a little ride on the farm's 'granny horse' Holly
and judging by the look on their faces, they really enjoyed it. We all
got to ride around in a golf cart. The kids took turns steering, which
was rather scary. Took a long time to get from A to B;-))Finley took a
crash course in roping and mastered it like a pro.
It was a great day and we all look forward to many more days on the farm and lots of riding;-)))))

Monday, March 24, 2008

Transition to Spring

Winter has gone and spring is here...but not quite. It is still
shockingly cold and the lovely blooming fruit trees in our back yard
are shivering in the cold wintry chill. I am actually looking right at
them, admiring their beautiful pink flowers and...what's that little
grey thing there next to the wheelbarrow? Uhhhhhh Finley would love that. He'd probably call it a Hasi,
(German name for rabbit) although the one out there is a little smaller
with a very, very long tail and not least not in
usual sense.
Over a month has past since my last entry. Shocking!!! This just shows that February
and March are pretty boring month...unless you spend them in the
Bahamas;-) However, the Bahamas are already a thing of the past and we
need to move forward to new adventures. Finley is getting more and more
active as the days go by and I need to find activities to fill our days.
There is a lot of playground action and some nice walks with Martina and Lilly. Every Thursday he meets Camille at a kiddy gym. Finley is a bit of a ladies man, just like his daddy;-)
We got a little taste of spring this past weekend. Very conveniently at Easter time. Steve got bitten by the DIY
bug and started digging up the back garden in order to create a oasis
for the summer month. The grass had to go, as it never really grew
anyway and the gaps between the bushes where filled with white pebbles.
This does not only look good but hopefully will prevent the hoards of mosquitoes
from breeding in the moist ground. Not that the ground is ever moist's a dessert in the summer;-(((((, but our monster mossies find
every drop of water and hang out there until something better comes
along. They really like Finley blood and mine too;-((
Anyway, I
digress. Instead of grass we now have a beautiful sand pit for the heir
where he can go wild and an enormous hole in the ground, which will
hopefully one day be a brick patio. My landscape gardener husband is
very talented and I really mean that.

afternoon we celebrated little Olly's first birthday with Katie and
Joel and some of their friends. Unfortunately the weather turned really
cold and we hurried of to the next B-Party, which -O dear- was a BBQ.
Anyway, it turned out be really nice, as Dennis has a huge fire pit where we first roasted our toes and than some marshmallows!!!
Sunday, we went to Monument Avenue and strolled along the road with
hundreds, maybe thousands (that might be a bit exaggerated) of fellowRichmonders.
It felt a bit like walking along Brighton Peer on the first days of
spring, which in the UK that would be sometimes in August;-))))
There where certainly more dogs than people. Hard work as Finley needed to pat every single one. Luckily
we found some ponies and a petting zoo with lots of tiny goats, cows,
bunnies and a very lazy llama that did not get up once. Mind you it
looked pretty big. At least Finley was able to mount it better, which
owners did not like at all. He tried the same with the bunny, which luckily
was in a cage otherwise that could have been the end of the Easter

of the photos are from our latest trip to Nags Head, two weeks ago,
featuring the young boy and the sea, admiring the elements and hanging
out with the surfer chicks!!

Happy Easter everyone;-))))))))))