Friday, February 01, 2008


Finley has just learned a new word...'Apfel', which of course means apple in English. I am glad it's another German word as I was worried lately that he speaks to many English words already (all five of them!!!) Even though most of those sound almost the same in both languages like ball, fisch and banane;-)
Ohh..he just came and gave me a shoe, saying the word shoe or was it Schuh?
Anyway, I gave him my cell phone, whitch buys me a few more moments on the computer. Might get it back with an empty address book and almost everything else erased, deleted and locked, but thats a risk I am willing to take in order have some peaceful moments writing.
I am mostly writing about him anyway, so he sould be greatful that one day he'll get to read all those wonderfully embarassing stories. Here I might add that latley he is very fond of Dora (the explorer). He even says her name, first thing in the morning...pointing to the TV cabinet, as if that's where she lives!!!!Silly;-)
At this point I ask myself, 'should I be worried he is becoming addicted to TV or should I just be grateful for that god sent invention that enables me to do things that don't involve...and here is the list:
1. being bored to death at various playgrounds
2.Following my son with a damp cloth trying to remove pencil, crayon or other interesting marks from walls, cupboards, fridges, floors....!!
3.Reading stories in which he has absolutely no interest apart from when he manages to ripp out pages
4.Take him shopping or any places he sees things he wants (pretty much anywhere)
5.Bother to take out toys from the toy chest only so he can throw tham all over the place and not play with them...!!!!!
I guess the list is endless and at the moment nothing makes me happier than hearing Moose from Noggin singing 'days are the sunniest...cows are the moooiest...bla, bla, bla!!...and nothing else, because he is sitting and watching. I guess I am a bad mom, but at least I feed him. Oops that reminds me, it's dinner time. Better get cooking;-))

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movie night

Every once in a while one needs to do the movie night. Not at an actual
theater, but in your own cosy living room on the plasma screen with
surround sound, a glass of wine, homemade pizza and as many films as
We hired four at the video fan (still best place to get movies if net flix
hasn't arrived on time) and managed to watch a staggering two before Mr. Sandman
However, those two where a pretty damn good choice!
thought we ease ourselves into the evening by watching The Wendell Baker Story, a
film I had not heard about.
Talk about a feel good movie.
The film released in 2005 with Luke Wilson directing and in the lead role and
his brother Owen playing the evil head nurse was the perfect choice to start of our movie night; very funny in a Life Aquatic kind of way.
I think it must be the Texan heat that gives those people their laid back
attitude and slow approach . The film had no hectic elements in it and
you always got the feeling everyone involved had all the time in the
world. I guess there is also a lot less pressure in a low budget film.
It's like, "which ever way it ends - it will be all right"!!!
Anyway, Luke Wilson playing the very sexy (in a droopy kind of way)con artist
Wendell, turning from bad to good (even though when he was bad, he
still managed to be more likable than...I don't know, any of those
modern saints!!) made my night and despite the Los Angeles Times
calling the film, "alternately sunny and charming, dark and weird,
confounding and dull" and that "you probably had to be there", I'd watch
it again tonight:-))))

Stardust on the other hand (film number two)was an entirely different story.
Tristan Thorne's quest to find the falling star in order to get jiggy with the boring village bicycle (adequately played by Sienna Miller)is packed with adventure from beginning to end.
Whatever a fairy tale name it, this film will have at least
one of them. From the ruthless aging king (Peter O'Toole) and blood thirsty
witches, to a very metro sexual Captain Shakespeare who makes a living
by harvesting lightning bolts??!! played by genius Robertde Niro, this film has it all and more.
Ricky Gervais cackling like a chicken, Claire Danes' star qualities, seeing Michelle Pfeiffer actually ageing and the most romantic picnic
setup ever in the history of fairy tales awards this film a magic feel
that combines romance, action and comedy all in one package!!