Friday, January 09, 2009

A great New Year

Despite homesickness and spouts of wanting to hop on the next plane that can take me straight back to Waldhausen,
my 100 acre forest, I have no doubts that this year will be awesome.
Not having read a book or having watched anything lately, other than
Austrian cooking programs, my inspiration for this post stems entirely
from looking at images and remembering Christmas and New Year with
family and friends in Austria.
I am filled with pride, learning that my old hunting grounds, the city of Linz, had been named culture capital
of the year 2009. This alone is reason enough to celebrate, but there
is so much more happening in 2009 and I am ready for some big
Steve wants to build a castle in Austria. He was looking for a name and asked me if "Schloss Handberg" sounded to pretentious...I figured it was a good name! Schloss Handberg
in my 100 acre forest...sounds awesome!!!! Fits right in with the
images we shot from the car window whilst touring the village on our
last day when an ice storm prevented us from visiting the cross for one
last view onto the beautiful surroundings.
Happy New Year to all
friends and family and everybody else out there...for it will be a
great and happy year indeed;-))))))))))))