Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Where has my sense of adventure gone? And more importantly, how can I get it back???

From the day I was born, I considered myself a "child of the wild" or an "outdoorsy" kind of person. My back yard were the Austrian forests. My pools the mountain lakes. My companions, the wildlife.

Pretty damn good, ha?

When it got dark, however, my home was that place with the roof on, the cozy bed and those two people who claimed they were my parents:-)...and how can I forget, those other three kids who were with me since I can remember.

I digress.

My love for the great outdoors was boundless, just not at night!!

Now, camping, as we all know, does not just happen during the day. No, it also happens at night. And I guess that is were my love for the great outdoors stops.

Here is a blog post about camping I stumbled across recently. It pretty much sums up my view on it.

Racing makes thirsty
I could probably endure the tortures of camping if I had no kids and my status would be the...I don´t know, fifth date or so!
However, I do have kids and the spark in my relationship does not get ignited by camp fire, but needs a full on week in Cabo San Lucas for example!!

And here are some reasons why I rather spend time in a luxury resort.

1. Having no hairdryer or straightening equipment
2. Constantly being too cold or too hot
3. Spiders that crawl in your mouth while you are sleeping
4. Having to walk for miles when nature calls (and nature calls often when you…and here is another list,

a. had two kids
b. a lot to drink whilst sitting around the fire
c. the weather is cold
d. ate something that was not quite right (this is also the category for alcohol poisoning, in which case you might just get a huge bucket and save yourself some energy)
…and the list goes on!!!

But even though the past weekend in the Catskill Mountains has not turned me into a passionate camper, it was fun to watch how much a relationship can take before the weapons come out.

I AM A WIMP!! I admit and had I not such a selfless soul of a husband who slept on the broken, deflated air mattress, trying to keep Finley alive in 40F and himself warm by wearing a ridiculous orange hat  
whilst I had the one that had no huge hole in it and the warmest sleeping bag, well, I guess we would have come home on Saturday instead of Monday:-)))
The two youngest members of the party

What I am trying to say is that I don´t like camping, but I love my husband and even though I will not do it again (I think it is more of a father and son kind of thing) I will remember the good things about it, like making great new friends  and seeing a bunch of kids smile and laugh a lot...
apart from at night when some of them cried!!!

Happy Camping:-))