Tuesday, November 04, 2008


After preparing him well for the annual festival of all things spooky and scary, Finley invented a new name for it SCAROWEEN!!
Daddy, our other little child, decorated the front porch about 3 month
prior to the event to make sure we get the most out of it. He also made
sure that Finley believes skeletons, tombstones, enormous
cobwebs+spiders, big orange pumpkin masks draped over the outside
lights,witches, monsters, bats, and evil scare crows, are an everydayoccurrence and belong on people's front porches. As a matter of fact, now that Halloween is over he is still looking for all these things and I made the huge mistake introducing him to YouTube. He now know that there are "scaries" on YouTube, to be looked at, all the time. We also took a great number of library trips to look at and take home scary Halloween
books (the scarier, the better). And since there was no shortage of
those, we spent most of October at the library and might as well have
moved in.

Anyway, my first carved pumpkins, happily displaying
the word "boo", were slowly eaten by fruit flies and gradually rotted
away long before anyone even had their first cob webs draped across
their front lawn. Needless to say, we prepared him well for Halloween
and I think we created a monster. He now shares his bed with a
tarantula, two feet in diameter, and the house is littered withcockroaches
, worms, spiders, and bugs of any color, shape, or size. A few mornings
ago, I came close to a hart attack, when I found myself next two a
monster spider, during my morning grooming session. The huge thing had
somehow found its way into the tub the night before. Yes, they also
have to share the bath with him!!

A trip to a pumpkin patch was inevitable
and resulted in a long and sleepless night as some Halloween figures
displayed on that field may have visited him in his dreams. It wasn't
all hell, even though they did a great job making it look spooky. I
suppose it may have been spooky at night. This reminds me of the
Halloween hayride we did before Finley was born. Not really for
children, since it maneged to scare the living daylights out of me,
especially when we walked through the haunted house and forest. It was
fairly safe on the tractor, where I placed myself right in the middle
of the trailer and pretended not to be there. Death, however, found me
and jumped up to sit next to me with his sickle. I was frozen. I
quickly defrosted though whilst walking trough the haunted forest,
clinging on to anyone who looked like they were alive. I may have wet
my pants a little when the freak with the chain saw jumped from behind
a tree and I really don'tremember much else since I think I passed out at some point!! Really, who comes up with shit like that, I wonder??

highlight of this year's Halloween celebration was as always the
Hanover Haunted Mansion Street Parade. This takes place every year and
residents of Hanover Street go to great lenghts making Halloween a scary and memorable experience
for young and old alike. Two street blocks are closed of just for that purpose
and we should have given Finley a huge bin bag instead of the poxy
little pumpkin bag he had for collecting candy (his other new favorite
word). The pictures to accompany my blog are on flickr and really speak for themselves. Finley was dressed as superman and had a ball collecting candy, flirting with super girl
, being chased by little skunks, and admiring all the scary things on
display. Hopefully he will be able to take as much delight in old Santa
and his brood since they are not the slightest bit scary. I'd much
rather have a shower with an elf than a tarantula...that does not sound
right, I know!!!