Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's new!!

Since nothing majorly exciting has happened lately, I have to either make something up or post whats happening in our everyday boring life. There is however, no real point in making things up, as this blog should be a true account of our life in America, therefore I will just go ahead and tell the truth.
Well, let me start with Halloween, which was as usual a great event here in Richmond as well as all over the world, I assume;-) I had great plans for the entire family to take part in the annual scary pumpkin fest
and I had already purchased some floppy ears and a little tail for myself and was busy searching for a smoking jacket for my lovely husband, who would have made a great Hefner, on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, Finley and I caught a nasty flu bug and ended up in bed for a few days and Steve and I never made it to Juniors Halloween party dressed as Bunny and Hugh;-((( very, very sad!!
We did however, make it to Wednesday nights Trick or Treat parade on Hanover Street, which was a real TREAT and quite an EYE CANDY...get it??? I did not bring my camera and I still hate myself for it because this would have been very interesting for you people at home.
Never mind, maybe next year.

From Thursday last week until Thursday this week, I looked after Lilly, my friend Martina's little girl. I thought it was a great opportunity to see if I could do two!!! Turns out I could and now the pressure's on;-0 What to do...another child or perhaps just borrowing Lilly for the odd occasion???!! Only time will tell;-)
Sarah also came to stay for a couple of days and we got in touch with our inner child at an outing in Richmond's Children's Museum...we had a truly great time as you can see for yourself!!!

Last night Finley stayed the night with his new girlfriend Lilly while Steve and I went on the first proper date in two years. Needless to say we made to most of it. After watching Bill Plymton's adult cartoons at the Canal Club downtown, 18 hot wings at BWW (I am still suffering), countless drinks at the New York Deli and Star Light (by than memory loss had set in???), and of course a cheeky cigar on the front porch with half the rugby team, we found ourselves unconscious in our wonderful king size/memory foam bed with the bed being the only one who might remember whether we did have that great sex we promised ourselves before we went on this alcoholic rampage!!!!;-))))