Monday, April 28, 2008

Brook View Farmers Market

There is nothing nicer than getting out of Bed early on a Saturday
morning and head out into the country side for some farm activity. Only
about five years ago this would have sounded pretty alien to me.
Probably because I lived in the country and getting up before the sun
was at its highest point on a Saturday would just have been down right
However, things have changed. Friday nights are no longer spent at Stallones
or Star Lights or New York Delis or what ever those places of sin call
themselves these days. No...we have learned to appreciate the home
life. The quiet dinner at home. The family gatherings. TV nights. Bed
early. 1 or 2 beers...some ice cream.
Anyway, Brookview Farm celebrated Earth Day and we where there when they opened their gates - at 9am on the dot;-))
The farm is out in the Goochland area, Manakin - Sabot, to be precise. There was a ton of things to do and lots of great food for in between.
In between photo shootings with a gorgeous Brahman bull, a very shy donkey, a pony, a hen on the run chased trough the undergrowth by Finley, thousands of escaped bees and their keeper Alfredo from Columbia and of of course little Finley, his daddy and me, we indulged in organic beef sausages and ginger ale.
was a beekeeper lecture, which included the catching of wild bees and a
lecture on solar powered energy. Finley got to ride a pony, sit on a
tractor and roll around in the green, green grass.
The farmers market takes place every Saturday from 9am and its well worth going...very pretty area;-)))