Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super duper weekend at the river

To celebrate Phil's Birthday (and my own) Alex invited us all to the Woodbury cabin on the Potomac River for some fun in the sun...and on the beach.
fun already started on Friday. However, I only joined the party on
Saturday afternoon after four very long hours of examination on all
things boring...and a little difficult. Yes, I took the Virginia
Communication and LiteracyAssessment exam in order to get a teaching
license. No results have been mailed to me yet and I am still hoping
that I may have passed, even though I failed to write a summary of one
I guess it will all reveal itself sooner or later.
Anyway, as soon as this was done, I ran to my car and raced as fast as I could (the latest Coldplay
blasting out of my headphones) towards Mount Holly. Upon arrival, (I
was a little delayed due to 20 different directions I had been given
and the GPS knowing f... all)I got whisked away on the "Party Craft" to
a remote island, where we ate, drank, played games, and wallowed in the
water until...everyone on the beach had gone home.
As the sun had taken it's toll on some of us, we heavy hearted
embarked on our journey home. Back at the cabin, we feasted on
mountains of delicacies, drank gallons of bourbon and lemonade,
and...went to bed--drunk and happy!!!
The boys lit the fire in the
pit and everyone had to stand back a mile as it was a little warm. I,
on the other hand saw the flickering light of the flames from my
bedroom window and drifted off into a peaceful, happy sleep until
Steve's blackberry started screaming at six in the morning. Of course,
I could not find it quickly enough under the piles of rubbish that had
accumulated over the past two days. Consequently I spent the morning
watching Elmo with my son while my husband had no trouble sleeping
throughlalalalalalala...Elmo's world!!!!!
Sunday was beach day
again and we once again wallowed in the brown, brackish brew that is
the Potomac River. Steve assured me that the water is not dirty...'it's
from the roots and the trees," he kept saying. And I believed him.
After all he is my husband, why would he lie to me. ...so where did all
those bubbles come from than? I ask myself;-)
Given the fact that I
am still alive, have not developed various boils, and that my skin is
in fact the softest it had been in a long time, is reason enough to
trust in Steve's words.
All in all, it was a great weekend with wonderful friends.