Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All you need is some sun;-)))

Granny and Grandpa invited us to come over to their Bahamian pad and stay for a week. Before our departure, which incidentally was the trip from hell, we had a look at Obama's
new crib and managed to pack in some light sightseeing, even though it
was freezing cold in DC. The cold East Coast weather must have traveled
down South all the way to the Bahamas since it was a little chilly
there too although a hell of a lot warmer than icy cold Washington. We
still managed to get a little tan and it was very nice and relaxing.
Kati took about 300 pictures on our strolls through the little ice
cream town. Everything was pink and minty green, just like it should
Daddy managed to surprise us on the weekend with his presence and we traveled back to Richmond on Monday.
We had a day to recover and are off to Snow Shoe Mountains for a bit of snowboarding tomorrow. Apparently they have -30 C...awesome!!!!;-))))))