Monday, August 16, 2010

I can't believe its over:-((

The last 7 weeks were the quickest EVER!!

Not long ago, I arrived at heathrow airport with two sleepy, disoriented children, dragging myself, two heavy suitcases, and a stroller with those above mentioned sleepy kids through passport control, hoping that my kids would not curse me for taking them away from Daddy for two month.

I didn't need to worry.
The kids never started to hate me, but I think Daddy did:-)
(I guess he just missed us!!)

Now that it is over and we are back in the UK, I quickly need to let it all run past me one more time and take stock.

First of all, Sadie needs a complete new wardrobe. Why? Because she suddenly became a giant.
Not only that, she is a bilingual giant.
Her favorite word is car and when she says car, she means "take me somewhere!!"
Sadie also likes to sit on the tractor, which is her second favorite word.
More words are "Kuchen" (cake), "Flug" (aeroplane), and "Schuh" (shoe)!!!

Finley's German is even better. No more "Mommy look". No, he says: "Ingrid, schau amoi!" Which, of course means exactly the same as the English version.
He also tells the dogs to "beat it" in perfect Austrian dialect and loves to make fun of me when I tell him to get off the table..."owa vom Tisch"!.

The boy also managed to teach himself how to ride a bike. Not without gaining a few "Auis" during the process though.
Around eight in the morning he usually came into my bedroom, dressed, teeth brushed, and ready to go. He only did that, because he needed a note with my signature not breakfast.
Sometimes I managed to convince him to have something to eat, but very often he just took the note, swung himself onto his metal steed and off he went, about half a mile, to his friends house. In his tight fist, the note saying:"Finley is allowed to play with his friends".
I had an arrangement with the moms in the neighborhood. No note - they got sent home!!

Finley's friends also came to our house, mainly to jump on the trampoline or to play in the little stream next to the house. They had an excellent barn for rainy days and when it was sunny "snail racing" down the waterfall was the preferred activity.

...and while the kids played, I got to read some cool Austrian murder mystery novels;-)