Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finley is 9 month today

Since we have become parents, we had to add children's Birthday parties to our lifes. Although Finley still has 3 months to go until he can celebrate his first, there are plenty of invites from his friends.
For all those of you who know me well, it would seem strange to see me at a children's Birthday party and many of you know that not even a thousand horses could have draged me there not long ago. Well, things have changed and I had to prevail for the sake of my child who otherwise would not have any friends. After all it is not so bad eating cup cakes and sipping coffee for a couple of hours whilst the little ones try to kill each other or really try your patience by being as noisy as they possibly can.
Needless to say this will probably have been the last invite I will have got after my friends read this;-)) or... they might just feel the same, who knows?

Anyway, I have attached a couple of photos from the pile of rejects, as a certain star photographer (I am not naming anyone) managed to overexpose almost every photo.
There are, however, a few new Finley photos, which I took a few moments ago and of course came out really well;-))))))))