Sunday, December 16, 2007

Somewhere beyond the sea...

...somewhere waiting for me, my lover stands in golden sands and watches the ships that go sailing!!!

The sea always brings out my romantic side and even though Robbie Williams, Will Young's or Bobby Darin's lyrics are far removed from Charles Trenet's original version of La Mer, it is no doubt the perfect song to hum along to whilst strolling down a rugged coastline or beach.

Thanksgiving seemed to be a great time to take a trip to North Carolina. Steve's Parents were in town and the call of the wild made the boys...(all of them, even the youngest) grab their fishing gear and take a trip to the Outer Banks for some fishn!!
Us girls had to tag along and we also tried our luck with the rod. Unfortunately we relied on the guys to bring home the food;-)

Given the lack of talent, we found other means to occupy ourselves like building sand castles or taking photos for the light house series. As usual, time flew past and the few days in Nags Head are already a distant memory.
It was great to, once again, experience the wonderful late November weather (even though it was unusually warm) and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and the all inspiring waves crashing onto the shores.
We took a long drive all the way down to Ocracoke island, of course the last part was by ferry as it is an island!!! That day was cold and breezy and we watched the most beautiful sunset and rise of the moon...simply awesome;-)

As we were all in party mood when we got back to Richmond, we took the opportunity to celebrate an early Christmas while we were all together. It was a really lovely evening with roast lamb instead of the boring old turkey and lots of presents, much to Finley's delight;-))
Steve and I went out on the town afterwards and got really drunk, like you do at Christmas.
The next morning we said goodby to the grandparents, hungover and heavy hearted as they departed for England.

To all you bloggers out there...Have a wonderful Christmas and a truly awesome New Year!!!!