Thursday, September 13, 2007


No sooner had we been back from the other continent, it was time to endulge in some real American hard core, red neck fun called NASCAR.
Nascar is probably the American equivalent of Formula 1 racing with the exception that you bring your own beer in a stadium that holds 120 000 and more people.
The only essential thing is really a pair of earplugs and some patience, other than that all you need is to sit and watch 400 laps of car racing with the occasional hold up after a crash that takes the action to a virtual standstill.

As boring as this may sound, it actually isn't. The atmosphere you find yourself in, is more than electric and the huge crowd as well as the monstrous noise of the race cars and the action gives you a real buzz and definitely takes you to a higher plane.

Our friends Chris and Tara got us some very hard to come by tickets and well equipped with a couple of six packs,tank tops and a 70 to 300mm lens we got ourselves a piece of the action;-)))


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