Friday, February 01, 2008


Finley has just learned a new word...'Apfel', which of course means apple in English. I am glad it's another German word as I was worried lately that he speaks to many English words already (all five of them!!!) Even though most of those sound almost the same in both languages like ball, fisch and banane;-)
Ohh..he just came and gave me a shoe, saying the word shoe or was it Schuh?
Anyway, I gave him my cell phone, whitch buys me a few more moments on the computer. Might get it back with an empty address book and almost everything else erased, deleted and locked, but thats a risk I am willing to take in order have some peaceful moments writing.
I am mostly writing about him anyway, so he sould be greatful that one day he'll get to read all those wonderfully embarassing stories. Here I might add that latley he is very fond of Dora (the explorer). He even says her name, first thing in the morning...pointing to the TV cabinet, as if that's where she lives!!!!Silly;-)
At this point I ask myself, 'should I be worried he is becoming addicted to TV or should I just be grateful for that god sent invention that enables me to do things that don't involve...and here is the list:
1. being bored to death at various playgrounds
2.Following my son with a damp cloth trying to remove pencil, crayon or other interesting marks from walls, cupboards, fridges, floors....!!
3.Reading stories in which he has absolutely no interest apart from when he manages to ripp out pages
4.Take him shopping or any places he sees things he wants (pretty much anywhere)
5.Bother to take out toys from the toy chest only so he can throw tham all over the place and not play with them...!!!!!
I guess the list is endless and at the moment nothing makes me happier than hearing Moose from Noggin singing 'days are the sunniest...cows are the moooiest...bla, bla, bla!!...and nothing else, because he is sitting and watching. I guess I am a bad mom, but at least I feed him. Oops that reminds me, it's dinner time. Better get cooking;-))

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