Monday, August 09, 2010

Face of the year

If only I were a teenager. The anual "face of the year" photo contest was neither for me, nor was it for my also not "teenage" children.
Too bad, but at least the other kids had better chances to win:-)

What was I to do?
I created my own photo contest!

The models I chose were all around me starting with Schloß Kammer, a place where I took a course in wind surfing, 24 years ago!!!
The castle is as beautiful as ever, only the surfers are gone. The place is no longer a surf school, but a private residence.

A clear favorite were dark thunder clouds behind sunflowers
and church towers. Very effective.

Pictures of busy spiders taken with a 300 mil. lens were also up there with the best, but the number one model was Finley who clearly has the model gene in his DNA, even though his sign language wasn't always politically correct.


  1. great pictures - I like how you did up your blog. It looks as though the time in Austria is going well!

  2. super blog und wieder mal super fotos - finde besonders das mit gitti und finley voll schön! liebe gruesse xxx natascha