Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why I didn't make it to the Super Bowl party!!!

You just know it is still very early in the morning when your bedroom is pretty dark and there is no noise outside apart from maybe a confused finch or sparrow. The streets are quiet, because it is Sunday and everyone is sleeping...everyone apart from my husband!! And I know this, because of that hand, creeping across our King Size Bed (reason for having such a thing is so he cannot reach me unless having to really make an effort:-)))) starting to poke me , probably with the intention of getting me aroused. AT 6 IN THE've got to be kidding me!!!!
Of course I pretend to be fast asleep...even snore a little - for dramatic effect. Not working. I snore a little louder. Still not working. Now I get angry and tell him to f... off.
Anyway, I really don't want to go into any more details as this is already quite bold. However, this is by no means the end of it. As I try to find a way back into my lovely dreams, Finley starts crying. Well, it was no real crying, but annoying enough to end my Sunday sleep in once and for all!!!
So I drag myself out of bed and turn the TV on. No Dora, damn! I guess she is still sleeping??? Luckily there is other stuff on. Of course there is...this is bloody America. There is no test picture after the nine o clock news like there was in Austria (at least when I was little), here we have round the clock cartoons...yippie!!
I proceed to make our favorite breakfast, porridge, which at 6.30 am tastes exactly like it looks. No...I meant cardbord;-))
Now, with Finley watching...stuff and both of us finished with breakfast, what next? I, of course, need watching cartoons like a hole in the head and decide to make a carrot cake. What else can you do on a Sunday morning with a five kilo bag of carrots? I don't know what posessed me when I bought that!!! Hoping the noise of the machine will wake Steve, I start to grate about 20 cups up carrots, 3 of which are required for the recipe. In the end I use about 5 cups for the cake. Needless to say - it is very, very moist!!! It was in fact so moist that I thought it was still raw when I tasted it at lunch time..perhaps it was a little. Steve's fault! He was in charge of taking it out of the oven, because I went back to bed.
Right, I went back to bed and so did Finley. We both had like a full day's work behind us and where ready for a nap.
And so I crawl back into bed, sinking deep into my lovely foam matress. There was a lot of catching up to be done. Half way into dreamy land, I get hit by a sledge hammer. I could almost see our next door neighbour standing on the other side of my bedroom wall holding the biggest hammer above his head...big develish grin from ear to ear!! Why, why do people not honor Sundays...God did, or did he not say: 'Hey guys, we have been working really hard...renovating this place. We did all that plumming and drilling and lots of other noisy and nasty things that drove Ingrid crazy all week long. Hey, lets have a break and not work on Sunday!!!!!'
No!!! Of course not!! We work on Sunday too, and make sure Ingrid does not get anymore sleep.
Well there you go. No more sleep for me. Finley, however, who does not have any problems sleeping trough sledge hammers during day time, but wakes up every time I tiptoe past his bedroom door at night, got his pre lunch nap.

After that we all decided we needed some fresh air and drove out to meadow farm where we looked at...a whole lot of stuff and animals. It was really nice, but I was too tired to fully appreciate it and therefore there will be no further mention of the farm until tomorrow, after I had some sleep and remember all the things Andi (the guide) told us.
And there you have mini diatribe on why I did not make the Super Bowl Party!! I feel so much better now and I really hope the Americans win;-)))))

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