Thursday, February 07, 2008

Children's books

Writing Children's Books is one hell of a job and I am sure J.K, Rowlings knew that all too well. Still she managed to write Harry Potter with a small child on her lap or perhaps in the crib next to her when the kid was asleep.
There are days, when it flows really nicely and inspiration is on my side. Some days, however, are dreadful and uninspiring. Those are the days when I am desperatly on the lookout for a Muse helping me to get the flow going.
I guess every writer has the same problem and I am really writing this to test the new Amazon quick link widget.
Guess I could use Organic Gardening as a guineapig, but hey who long as it works.
Well, let's have a look at it now and see if the widgets link to Amazon. If they do I will be very proud of myself;-)))))

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