Thursday, September 23, 2010

We have just come back from, not Greece, Athens in Pennsilvania:-))

A spur of the moment road trip to Syracuse, NY turned out to be much better then we would have ever thought.
I had the suitcase for the 4 of us packed in a nanosecond after deciding to keep Steve company on an otherwise boring business trip to Upstate NY.

Beautiful countryside
The day was beautiful. Just perfect to be on the road for 5 hours.

Before we left, I got some movies from the library for the kids, some food for the road, and off we went to Syracuse.

The trip up was uneventful, although the scenery was beautiful, especially when we got all the way up to the northern part of NY. Lots of farmland and lakes. It looks a bit like Scotland!!

Upon arrival, we quickly settled into our hotel. A trip to the mall was inevitable as Sadie was playing with water bottles and managed to use up all of her three outfits. Lucky girl. She got an entire new wardrobe at H&M.

After that we thought we go all American and had dinner at Red Robin or something like that...! In a joint effort we turned our booth into a battlefield, spilled beer, and even broke a glass:-) Turns out the kids are still not restaurant trained!! The following evening was al fresco once again at a "gourmet" sub joint in Athens calling itself "Le Rons" or Rods or something like that.

Yesterday, Steve left early to attend some business meetings and we were left to do some more shopping before we decided to find a pumpkin patch.
This was easier said then done. There sure are a lot of pumpkins in upstate NY, but not really on a Wednesday lunchtime. We came across some fields with pumpkins, but had to leave empty handed.

Also, we were in a hurry. We were set to meet Steve at the Glass Museum in Corning where he had gone for a meeting and that was almost a two hour drive.

The drive from Syracuse to Corning was long, but amazing. We made our way alongside Lake Seneca through the most gorgeous wine country with beautiful views onto the lake and its surrounding villages. At Watkins Glen the lake ended and the road took us back into the countryside. Watkins Glen, by the way was very picturesque, just like a Scottish village with a little harbor with lots of sail boats and pretty little flags everywhere.

4.30 on the dot we arrived at the Glass Museum, which is awesome. I only had a quick look around and got Finley a marble. We did not have time to look at it all, but I am definitely going back there soon.

Pumpkins as far as the eye could see
On the drive home, we finally found our pumpkin patch...way, way of the beaten track. It was already in Pennsylvania. We spent $60.00 bucks on pumpkins, apples, cider, and tomatoes. Steve managed to almost destroy his Boss suit and did destroy his shoes. Sadie collected all the dirt a Pennsylvania farm after a 10 minute downpour has to offer, and Finley got himself the biggest pumpkin in the world:-))

Dinner at Le Roys
Our pumpkin adventure was followed by a gourmet sub for dinner and and a four and a half hour drive home.

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  1. beautiful pics... could be in the mühlviertel... :))))

    dort is jo vüüüü schena ois in athen!!!